Find out how the Better Public Speaking team helped some of our customers build their public speaking confidence and skills.

"Prior to filming I had a session with Hugh to hone my camera craft. As I was new to presenting his experience and advice were invaluable. Hugh shared some really useful tips about how to prepare for delivering lines. The breathing technique was such a simple one but helped to calm nerves and get me 'in the zone'. We had fun and I learned a lot in between the giggles. Hugh's easy style and directness meant that I was never in any doubt about what he was trying to convey and felt comfortable to try new things."
Flo Headlam Gardener (BBC Gardeners' World Presenter 2016)
"I have worked with Adam a great deal over the years. He is an excellent communicator, working with CEO's of top 100 FTSE companies to improve their communication skills. Adam is professional, creative and always offers insightful and constructive feedback to our candidates."
Rob Dent (Director of In Character Solutions)